fzf 0.16.11
2017. 08. 03.

It's been less than two weeks since the last release of fzf, but I decided to release a new version anyway because it's great. The new version delivers significantly improved search performance.

fzf 0.16.11 performance

You can easily see the improvement in the above figure. Each time shown in the graph includes the time spent scanning and loading the input data in memory (which fzf can't avoid as it has to provide interactive query interface), which means if we remove that common denominator, the reduction of search time will appear much greater.

But don't get too excited; it's just the result of a single benchmark and your mileage may vary. You may not see such dramatic improvement if your query has low selectivity (i.e. matches most of the items), or when you use fzf with Unicode strings. But since most users of fzf use fzf for file paths and shell command history that are mostly ASCII, I believe this is meaningful progress.


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