fzf rewritten in go
2015. 02. 08.

fzf rewritten in go

Just a quick, and a little overdue announcement: fzf, a command-line fuzzy finder which used to be a Ruby script, was completely rewritten in Go.

You can see the motivations behind the decision here. I still love Ruby and I have mixed feelings about Go that I will not choose Go over Ruby unless I really have to, but anyway I'm really satisfied with the result. If you already have installed fzf, I highly recommend that you upgrade it. Just git-pull the repository and rerun the install script. Or if you just need the binary, you can download one from here. The biggest improvement is in its performance. With this new Go version, you'll likely have no problem processing a list over a million lines. Now I use fzf to scan through the list of all the files on my computer as follows.

locate / | fzf

It is pretty useful. I even set up a tmux hot key for it.

If you're still not sure what fzf can do for you. Check out some videos on it on YouTube by gotbletu. He gives great examples on how you can use fzf to improve your everyday workflow. Recommended.

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